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Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Rolls


I’m going unprocessed this month. Which, as my favorite byproduct of this exercise, has pushed me out of my grocery buying comfort zone and reminded me to wander into local bakeries and specialty food stores to rely on what they have to offer. I love supporting local mom & pop shops, and even though I eat a very unprocessed diet on a regular basis, this is a great way for me to double check all of my eating habits.

When I had the idea for these stuck in my head, I wanted to make it as easy as possible for the both of us. I found out a few interesting short cuts for pizza dough. While I am working on perfecting a pizza dough recipe, I realize that good dough takes time and my pizza making cravings don’t allow me the requisite 24 hours that good dough really needs. I did learn that most pizza places will sell you raw and ready to use pizza dough if you just ask, but don’t count on them delivering. Also, look for an Italian deli, I have two really great ones in my neighborhood. They usually sell homemade pasta, home cured meats, homemade cheese AND (you guested it) raw and ready to go pizza dough. Sometimes you even get handmade recipes passed down from generation to generation shipped over from the Motherland. So much better than I could ever do myself. As much as I WANT to make everything from my own hands, even on my best day I could never top an Italian Grandmother on her worst. So, my secret to these is "store bought" dough is getting it from my local Italian deli.

You can also look at your local regular-guy markets (Trader Joe’s, Fresh & Easy, Whole Foods) if you don’t have any Italian culinary entrepreneur  in your neighborhood. But it’s worth a Yelp search, just incase they flew under your radar, or call the nice folks at your local pizza restaurant to see if they will break you off a hunk of their dough.


Pizza Stuffed Pretzel Rolls

1 batch Pizza dough

1/2 cup marinara sauce

2 oz peperoni, chopped

1/2 cup cheese (mozzarella, cheddar, whatever you want)

1/4 cup baking soda

2 tbs sugar

3 tbs melted butter

course salt


Preheat oven to 350.

Start by placing the hunk of dough on a lightly floured surface.


Shape the dough into a long log. Cut into two equal halves, then cut each half in half (giving you four equal logs)

Then cut each log in half the other way

Now you have 8 pieces! Cut each piece in half and you are finally done with the cutting and you have 16 dough pieces ready to be filled.

Roll each dough piece on a lightly floured surface with a rolling pin. Top with about 1 to 2 tbs sauce, 2 tbs cheese and 1 tbs pepperoni.

Wet the edges of the dough (the best way to do this is to place a small bowl of water near you and wet your fingertips) and pinch the edges tightly together.

Place on a baking sheet, covered with a Silpat.

Fill a large pot with water, making sure you have enough room for it to bubble up, but deep enough for the rolls to fit in. Add the 2 tbs sugar and allow to boil, add the baking soda (there will be lots of bubbling), add the buns (about 4 at a time) and allow to boil for about 30 seconds, remove with a large slotted spoon and return to baking sheet.

Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with coarse salt.

Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or until a dark golden brown.

*Note: if you want to freeze these, allow to cool, place in a freezer bag and freeze for up to 3 weeks. To re-heat, bake at 350 for 15 minutes or until cooked though.


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Baker Street October 8, 2012 um 4:07 am

I absolutely love the idea! these rolls sound incredible, Jackie!


Blog is the New Black October 8, 2012 um 4:52 am

LOVE this idea!


claire @ the realistic nutritionist October 8, 2012 um 7:42 am

Holy yes yes yes yes yes. That cheese looks so gooey and delicious!


Jessica@AKitchenAddiction October 8, 2012 um 8:55 am

These look incredible!


Cassie October 8, 2012 um 9:07 am

I just keep wondering what in the heck you will come up with next and then you knock me off my feet. These are incredible!


Jackie October 8, 2012 um 2:51 pm

you’re the sweetest person in BlogLand. For real 🙂


Wendy October 8, 2012 um 10:47 am

Can’t wait to try this!


Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies October 8, 2012 um 11:32 am

It’s like a Hot Pocket! But, you know, edible! I love it. 🙂


Jackie October 8, 2012 um 2:51 pm

Haha! I LOOOOVED hot pockets when I was younger 🙂


Julie @ Table for Two October 8, 2012 um 11:49 am

these look irresistible!! i seriously want to go run to my kitchen now and make these! like a reader said above, it’s like a hot pocket but to me it’s like a hot bun haha


Colleen, The Smart Cookie Cook October 8, 2012 um 1:34 pm

Oh my lord, you are a genius! I’d give anything to have these right now. Pizza in a pretzel roll = amazing.


Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious October 8, 2012 um 1:35 pm

Freaking amazing! I love making my own pizza dough but sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Plus, TJ’s pizza dough is so inexpensive so I always get their dough.

I think I’ll have to make an emergency grocery run to make these babies! They’d be perfect for a quick and easy dinner and for work leftovers!


Jackie October 8, 2012 um 2:51 pm

I get so discouraged sometimes with pizza dough! I still haven’t been able to make it as good as the stuff I buy at the local deli so I’ve kind of give up. I just need to force that 70 year old Italian woman into giving up her recipe!


Alba October 8, 2012 um 7:50 pm

Rattling good rolls. look fabulous


saglikli mutfak October 9, 2012 um 12:11 am

Directions liked it very much and would like to make. I have a question alone. Boil the water for 30 seconds, baking powder, not you give it in the oven. I wanted to clarify it. thanks


Jackie October 9, 2012 um 6:27 am

I’m not really sure what your question is, I’m sorry. You boil the water, add the baking soda, add the rolls (about 4 at a time) then bake in a 350 oven until golden brown.


Averie @ Averie Cooks October 9, 2012 um 12:23 am

they’re beyond delish looking – just saw them on FG, too!

And why didn’t I put 2 and 2 together until now that you have two sites..this one and the big B! where have I been?! 🙂


Tasha @ Thatssoyummy October 9, 2012 um 7:32 am

These are fantastic, will have to try them…


RavieNomNoms October 9, 2012 um 9:30 am

These look golden and OH so delicious!! WOW, just amazing!


Bree October 9, 2012 um 10:19 am

Yum! These look so awesome!


Nikki @ Nikki Dinki Cooking October 9, 2012 um 11:02 am

WOW!! That looks amazing!!! What a fantastic idea!!


sara October 9, 2012 um 10:37 pm

I love this idea – so much fun and so tasty! 🙂


saglikli mutfak October 10, 2012 um 2:28 am

I mean, first rolled, boiled and baked sobra is in the oven. I do not understand the order


Jackie October 10, 2012 um 9:10 am

I’m still not sure what your question is. The steps are listed above in order of what you do:
1. cut the dough into 16 pieces
2. fill with cheese, sauce and pepperoni
3. seal the rolls well
4. boil water in a pot on the stove.
5. add baking soda to the water
6. boil the rolls in the baking soda water for 30 seconds, remove from water and put on a baking sheet. discard the water, you are done with it.
7. brush the rolls with melted butter, sprinkle with salt.
8. bake the rolls in a 350 oven until golden brown, about 15 minutes

Does that help?


Lauren October 10, 2012 um 8:49 am

These are going on the "MUST MAKE" list!


ko October 11, 2012 um 4:06 am

i know this slightly defeats the purpose of the recipe but my kids don’t love pretzels and are always asking for pizza pockets. is there a way to skip the dropping in water part (to make the pretzel) and just put in oven to bake up a pocket?


Jackie October 11, 2012 um 1:17 pm

Yes! Just place them on a baking sheet, brush with butter and bake. Should work great.


Jenn@slim-shoppin October 11, 2012 um 11:02 am

I have a quick no rise pizza dough I use just about every week

2 cups flour
1 cup warm water
2 teaspoons yeast
a few pinches of sea salt

Add the yeast to the warm water and wait 5 minutes.

Add the flour and water and salt to a kitchen aid mixed with dough hook and mix for 5 minutes. If it’s sticking to the sides, add more flour.

Once that’s done, you are ready to roll out and get going. Sometimes I will pre-bake the crust for 5 minutes first, then add toppings and continue to bake for 15-17 minutes for pizza

This is enough dough to make 2 12 inch pizzas (or probably a bunch of these pizza stuffed pretzels!) Your recipe looks amazing and I’m pretty sure my kids would love me even more if I made that for them!


Jackie October 11, 2012 um 7:37 pm

That sounds like a great recipe, thank you for sharing it!


Rachel @ Bakerita October 11, 2012 um 11:22 am

These look phenomenal! I love that you boiled them like pretzels…bet it makes the crust extra chewy and delicious! Can’t wait to try these.


Susan October 13, 2012 um 6:53 am

I am not a baker and I definitely have not made pizza rolls. What exactly does the boiling do?


Jackie October 13, 2012 um 7:24 am

That is how pretzels are made. It makes them taste like pretzels.


Kim @ Just Baked October 13, 2012 um 9:58 am

This is probably a dumb question, but when you say 1 batch of pizza dough, do you know the approximate weight?


Jackie October 13, 2012 um 1:08 pm

I don’t. Any recipe that yields: "Enough for one large Pizza" should be fine.


H Marley October 13, 2012 um 5:16 pm

you are so clever! I made these a few days ago and froze them, just reheated them and they are perfect! Thank you!


Jackie October 15, 2012 um 6:38 pm

That’s awesome! So glad you liked them 🙂


Elizabeth November 5, 2012 um 2:18 pm

These look so comforting and delicious on a cold day!


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Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom November 8, 2012 um 4:54 pm

OMG, these look AMAZING! Wow!


JOSE Vana November 15, 2012 um 1:21 am

Me gusta mucho tu web !!!! Esta receta es deliciosa.


Fatima July 23, 2014 um 7:47 am

Wow wonderful, I going to try it for tonight thank’s


Laci July 26, 2014 um 4:53 pm

Looking over the recipe I’m wondering where do the pretzels come into the recipe. The pictures look delicious Thanks.


Jackie July 30, 2014 um 10:12 pm

The dough is cooked like a pretzel, so it’s a pretzel that is stuffed with pizza filling.


Angel December 23, 2014 um 3:56 pm

I’ve tried making these twice now. They don’t get brown and crusty as shown in the photo. The taste is fine. I’ve been blotting off the excess water after boiling but before brushing with butter and baking. Could that be the difference?


Michael Sikler December 15, 2018 um 1:11 pm

Where is the Pretzel?


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