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Apricot Basil Ice Cream

I’ve always defined the "Perfect Gift" as something you want but would never spend the money to buy for yourself. Things that may not be expensive, but because money is a limited resource no matter who you are , these things just don’t make that "Must Buy Today" list. Things you quietly (or possibly aggressively) lust after but there are always other things that take top billing in your budget.

A few years ago I was given a KitchenAid Ice Cream maker (affiliate link). for Christmas. Perfect. I wanted it, but don’t make enough ice cream to really justify the purchase. I’d see it at Sur La Table, pause for a moment and then end up with something a bit more practical in that brown and purple bag.

Now that I have it, it makes me feel like a brilliant hostess. "You MADE ice cream? From scratch?" it sounds so luxurious  and ambitious. Even though I only break it out a few times a year, I am always so glad I have it. If you agree not to tell anyone how easy it is to make ice cream from scratch, I won’t either. And we can continue to impress people with the long hours we slaved away to bring them such a momentous dessert.

Apricot Basil Ice Cream

Apricot add in:

 4 cups soft apricots, pitted

1 tbs fresh lemon juice

4 large basil leaves

1/4 cup sugar

Ice Cream Base:

2 cups whole milk

4 egg yolks

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2 cups sugar

1 cup heavy cream

Place the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer for at least 8 hours (I store mine in the freezer so it’s always ready to go) or freeze according to manufacturer specifications.

In a food processor, add the apricots, lemon juice, basil leaves and 1/4 cup sugar, puree until smooth, some chunks of apricot are fine.

To make the ice cream base, add the milk, egg yolks, vanilla and remaining sugar  to a cold sauce pan and whisk until the mixture is well combined. Place the pan over medium high heat and stir until the mixture has thickened slightly (will coat a spoon), about 10 minutes, remove from heat. Stir in the cream.

Add the apricot puree and mix until combined. Add to an air tight container and place in the fridge and allow to cool for at least 4 hours.

Add to the frozen ice cream bowl and churn according to manufactures specifications, about 12 minutes in my Kitchen Aid Ice Cream Maker. Place in an air tight container and freeze until firm, about 2 additional hours.

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Renee @ Tortillas and Honey July 11, 2012 um 1:16 pm

I actually have apricots and fresh basil! This sounds so refreshing!


Chung-Ah July 12, 2012 um 10:01 am

Awesome flavor. I love making ice cream from scratch. People get so impressed but it’s one of the easiest things to make!


Baker Street July 13, 2012 um 3:09 am

Apricots and basil!! What a fine combination! I’m going to give this a try over the weekend! 🙂


claire July 13, 2012 um 9:58 am

HOLY CRAP!! Jackie, your photos are incredible. Seriously. so stunning.


fatpiginthemarket July 17, 2012 um 6:10 am

My ice cream maker was a gift too. It’s red. I love that sucker! I make ice cream for my own parties and I bring it in a freezer bag to my friends' soirees. Totally impressive and…yes…shamefully easy. Apricot basil is a very cool idea for a flavor combo. My red machine and I will churn some of this out!


amy donovan July 17, 2012 um 6:56 am

this ice cream sounds wonderful! i still don’t have an ice cream maker (i use a technique that allows you to bypass it, but it makes much more time + stirring), so i soooo want one!


Tiffany July 24, 2012 um 7:25 am

Absolutely stunning! I love the fruit-herb combo!


RavieNomNoms July 24, 2012 um 1:10 pm

I truly think that basil and fruit is one of THE best combinations. It is so refreshing and interesting!


Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies July 25, 2012 um 4:19 pm

I’m in love with my ice cream maker. Even though I don’t use it as often as my other kitchen appliances, it’s so worth it on those occasions that I do use it. Is there anything better than homemade ice cream? Doubtful! These pictures are gorgeous–I’m impressed that the ice cream scoops are so perfect!


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