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Work With Me

Work With Me
Jackie Dodd Portfolio (downloadable)
  1. Recipe development and food photography: I am available to develop recipes, as well as photograph dishes and products. Please contact me for my price sheet. I like to work with people at all budget levels.
  2. Travel & Events: I am available to travel for events and conference to represent your brand. I love to share my experiences with my readers through my blog posts, twitter, Facebook and instagram.
  3. Brand Ambassador: I’m happy to work with brands I believe in, especial craft beer brands I enjoy. Please contact me for more information.
  4. Product Reviews: I am available for product reviews, but will only do so with companies and brands that I truly enjoy. I love to share products that I find with my readers, but will not post pre-written content. All ideas and opinions will be my own. If my opinion of the product is negative, I will contact the company to terminate the relationship rather than publish a negative review.
  5. Editorial: I am a freelance writer for various publications, web-based and print, as well as brand websites. I truly enjoy this and would love to work with your company, please contact me for details.
  6. Giveaways: I generally do not do giveaways. I may consider a giveaway for a product of high value, or for a charitable cause. Please email me for information.
  7. Use of pre-existing content: I often sell the rights to use my existing recipes and photographs to companies and publications. Please inquire if you would like to use an existing recipe or photograph.

You can contact me at: