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Use of Content

I’m extremely grateful for those who enjoy, make and share my recipes but like anyone, I deserve compensation and credit for my work, even if that compensation only comes in the form of traffic.

I spend a lot of time to create, photograph and test recipes for the Beeroness ™ . Do not use my photos and full recipes (word for word) without my consent or you will either receive a notice from my attorney or an invoice for my work, whichever I’m in the mood for.

Here are my rules:

Don’t ever use my both photos AND my recipe together without permission, but If you want to post about my recipe choose one of the following options:

1. If you have a blog and want to talk about my recipes, I am thrilled by that. You can use the recipe, re-written in your own words, with your own photos with a link to my blog (i.e. “Stout & Sriracha BBQ Sauce Via The Beeroness ™ ” ) and I’ll be perfectly happy with that.

2. You can use my photo on your own blog, with credit (without posting the recipe), talk about the recipe and link back to my blog (i.e. “Check out the recipe over on The Beeroness ™ !”) I love that, big happy face.  (You can not submit my photos to another site, i.e. Foodgawker, with a link to your blog.)

3. Use neither the recipe nor the photos, post a review of the recipe and a link to my post. I’m thrilled by this too!

4. Ask. I am more than happy to bend these rules for those who ask first. I wouldn’t walk into your office, grab a report off your desk and try to pass it off as my own. Nor would I go to your store and steal a pair of pants because I figure I am free to use them as long as I tell people where they came from.

5. Sharing via email, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with direct links to my blog makes me ecstatic. Keep doing that as much as possible. Huge hugs and kisses from me to you, I love those who share my work this way.