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Blowjob Shot: Best Cocktail Recipe + 7 Delicious Variations

In the exciting world of mixology, the Blowjob Shot, with its controversial name, is likely to cause a stir. This drink, consisting of many enticing layers, guarantees an unforgettable experience. Here you’ll learn how exactly the Blowjob Shot came to make a mark in the history of cocktails, and what its contents are.

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Dirty Martini: Best Cocktail Recipe + 5 Delicious Variations

We know martinis should be shaken not stirred. But did the infamous Mr Bond ever discover the joys of the now-famous Dirty Martini? The delicious tang of the added olive brine means you’ll either love it or loathe it. Below are some variations that will have you grabbing that cocktail shaker in no time.

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Rum Runner: Best Cocktail Recipe + 5 Delicious Variations

Rum Runners are a delicious concoction of different fruit juices as well as two kinds of rum and two kinds of fruit liqueurs. They’re boozy, fresh, and brightly colored. Their history is as fun as the drink itself. If you’re looking to make a really great Rum Runner or variation thereof, read on.

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Vegas Bomb: Best Cocktail Recipe, 5 Variations + 6 Alternatives

All the fun, glitz, and glamor of the Vegas scene finds itself at home in every glass of the Vegas Bomb. It’s loud, energetic, and bursting with flavor – and if the alcohol isn’t enough, the caffeine hit from the added energy drink will kick your eyes open till the morning after. Here you will learn all about Vegas Bomb.

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Vieux Carre: Best Cocktail Recipe + 4 Delicious Variations

We’re off on a flavor-packed journey to the heart of New Orleans, exploring the timeless Vieux Carre cocktail. We’ll delve into its rich history, share our top-tier recipe, and shake up four delightful variations. But can you guess the secret ingredient that elevates this drink?

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