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Spring Flower Garland and Hanging Decorations

flower-garland-and-hanging-done-tableMy favorite part about these decorations are the brads. I haven’t used brads since I was in 4th grade and I think I’ve been missing out. I love the birds, and the bunnies add a subtle Easter touch without having to write “HOPPY EASTER” on a pastel banner.  The process and materials are similar to my Paper Lantern post, so if you’ve attempted those you’ll be ahead of the game. Change the colors and they aren’t just for Easter. I would also love these for a baby shower or with patriotic colors for a 4th of July party.

Materials (per four hanging flowers and one 12 foot garland strand)

4 pieces of 12×12 scrapbook paper (I used yellow)

12 pieces of 6X6 paper (also yellow)

4 bunny brads (the ones I used)

12 Bird Brads (the bird ones)

12 to 14 Feet of jute or twine, Plus 2 feet for each hanging flower (the stuff I used)

Hole punch

Paper cutter

Start by cutting your 12X12 inch sheets into about 1.5 inch strips. I just pushed them flush with the edge of my paper cutter and the strips turned out great.

haning-flower-paper-cutterhanging-flower-stripsThen punched a hole in each end of the strip

hanging-flower-strips-with-holesThen stack up all the strips, then put a brad through the holes in one end and bend the stack around to also put the brad through the holes in the other end, making a teardrop shape. Then pull the strips out the make the flower shape

flower-garland-hoops-with-bradhanging-flower-doneUse about 2 feet of string to hang the flower decoration

hanging-flower-done-outsideI made the garland the same way, using the 6×6 sheets

flower-garland-paper-cutterflower-garland-done-singleand strung them on the 14 feet of twine


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Lindsay Lefler April 22, 2011 um 5:14 pm

So cute! You are so creative! Those look like something I would spend a lot of money on in a store because they are so dang cute!


Alana April 22, 2011 um 11:10 pm

Adorable. And I bet my 3.5 year old would looooooove to help!


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