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Roasted Jalapenos with Bacon Jam & Goat Cheese

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” – Jose Narosky

(Photo source unknown)

Thank you for all of the people who had fought, those who have died, the ones who will always nurse wounds and the mothers and fathers who had to stand back and watch it happen.

Thank you for the gift of peaceful days, Sundays with our families and the ignorance that allows us to enjoying without a full realization of the true sacrifice that was made.

To those who have died and those who were left behind, Thank You will never cover it.

Roasted Jalapenos with Bacon Jam & Goat Cheese

12 fresh jalapenos

3 oz cream cheese

1/4 cup Bacon Jam (posted last week on The Beeroness)

3 oz goat cheese

1 tbs butter

1/2 cup Panko

Preheat oven to 400. Cut the jalapenos lengthwise, removing the seeds and the inner membranes.

Place on a baking sheet and roast until soft, about 10 minutes.

Using a butter knife, smear the inside of the jalapenos with cream cheese.

Top the cream cheese with bacon jam.

Using your fingers, top the bacon jam with goat cheese.

In a microwave safe bowl, melt the butter. Add the panko and stir until coated.

Top the jalapenos with the buttered panko and roast at 450 until the panko has browned, about 5-8 minutes.

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Tina@flourtrader May 28, 2012 um 11:41 am

This is a great blend of flavors, definitely a step up from the jalapeno poppers. I like that you included the link for the bacon jam-I have seen this jam in markets but this is the first of a recipe for it I have seen. I think that the goat cheese would be so much more tasty than the cheddar-so that was a tasty choice. These look perfect for appetizers or outdoor picnic. Enjoy your memorial day!


Leigh May 28, 2012 um 3:38 pm

Wow, you are going to make my guys VERY happy! A bunch of confirmed bacon maniacs. I’m a terrible girl who won’t give it to them very often. I believe I will "play" with this a bit. Maybe move it to the grill.


Carrie@ Bakeaholic Mama May 28, 2012 um 5:43 pm

The Bacon Jam got me last week and I can’t wait to make it… but these peppers are even better!! Can’t wait to try.


Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious May 28, 2012 um 8:22 pm

I’ve made many different versions of jalapeno poppers but never with a bacon jam! I took a look at the recipe and it looks AH-FREAKING-MAZING. You’re a genius, Jackie.


myfudo May 29, 2012 um 12:47 am

I love your photo…The bacon jam got me at first sight. I am definitely having this tonight.


cassie @ bakeyourday May 29, 2012 um 8:02 am

Beautiful, beautiful post. And bacon jam? Oh my good gracious. Love the sound of these peppers. My husband will fall over when I show him these!


Helen ( May 29, 2012 um 9:02 am

This combines three of my very favorite things. I’m always looking for new things to do with goat cheese, I’ll have to try this ASAP!


Bree May 29, 2012 um 9:35 am

Oh my gosh these look amazing!!!


claire @ the realistic nutritionist May 29, 2012 um 10:10 am

These look amazing Jackie!


Baker Street May 30, 2012 um 7:01 am

The idea of bacon jam is just genius! Lovely combination of flavors. Great post, Jackie! 🙂


eco friendly May 31, 2012 um 8:30 pm

These look so delicious!!


Beth @ Beth Michelle June 6, 2012 um 1:01 am

These are the most amazing things I have ever seen before. Delicious!!!!


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