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No-Sew Headbands With Interchangeable Decals


I love these. Not only are they so so so cute, they cost less than $10 in materials and took me less than 30 minutes. Plus, look adorable on Taters little head.

Materials, all can be found at a craft store:

Elastic stretch lace, large fancy buttons, less than a foot or marabou(I found this in the ribbon section), about 2.5 feet of ribbon, large snaps, felt circles (about 1 inch in diameter)


First, I cut the lace to the size I needed and hot glued the ends together. Although I was skeptical of this method, it worked great


I cut a small piece of the marabou, just enough to wind around the back of the pretty button. I lined the back of the button with hot glue and attached the feathers


Then glued the felt circle to the back of the feathered button and then one side of the snap to the felt. Make sure that the felt is glued to the button, not just the feathers


I glued the other side of the snap over the hot glued seam of the elastic. The decal will completely cover the seam.


I also had an idea for a button in the middle of a ribbon flower. I started with 4 strips of ribbon, 7 inches long each. Then hot glued the strips into loops


I hot glued the middles of the loops to make smashed loops


hot glued two smashed loops into an X shape


Glued loops behind the X, one in each direction


Then glued the button in the middle


then glued the felt on the back and half the snap on that


I glued half of a snap onto each headband. It really doesn’t matter which side you use for the decal and which side you use for the headband as long as you are consistent, so that each decal has the exact same side and each headband has the other.

I also made another decal, the same way as I did with the first black and silver decal. I love this one, red flower and black marabou, so pretty


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