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Mango Wrapped Mozzarella

I’m back. Sort of. When I say that I’m move into my new place, all that means is that my stuff is physically there. 

In boxes. Lots and lots of boxes. But the gas isn’t on yet, so I can’t cook, and showers have been very cold. 

Like this mango.

So the theme for this week is about food you can cook without a stove.

Which can be tricky. But when you are so sick of take out and pizza and all you want to do is cook a meal for your family and the stove is gas which hasn’t been turned on yet and the new place doesn’t have a microwave and your old place had a built in one that had to stay and you can’t figure out which of the billion boxes holds the cord to the electric griddle, you have to make do.  

So this is what I made for breakfast for my first morning in the new house:

Scrambled eggs in the waffle maker. Totally works. 

Bacon cooked on an electric crepes maker. 


It may have been my most creative use of heating elements, but it wasn’t the most delicious breakfast ever to be made by my hands. 

In keeping with the motto of my life: Figure out what is great about the situation that you are in and enjoy the crap out of it, I decided to give you a tasty treat that requires no cooking. It only has three ingredients and the only tricky part is shaving the mango with the vegetable peeler. But even if you need two of three strips of mango to go around the mozzarella ball, who cares. Its easy and tasty and looks fancy. Don’t sweat it. 

I hope to bring you pictures of my new place soon, right now the mess isn’t nearly charming enough to be photogrpahed. Except Taters room, it’s her perfect little sanctuary in the midst of the chaos, even the pictures are hung and every box has been unpacked. Other than that, the rest can wait. 

Mango Wrapped Mozzarella

1 large mango

12 Bocconcini or Ciliegine sized mozzarella balls

2 tbs balsamic vinegar 

Peel the mango with a vegetable peeler. once the peel has been removed, shave thin slices of the mango with the vegetable peeler until you have enough to cover the mozzarella balls. 

Wrap the mozzarella balls with the mango slices and secure with a toothpick. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. 

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Mama’s Gotta Bake May 7, 2012 um 12:02 pm

Wow, pretty gourmet considering the conditions you had to deal with. Looks quite delish!


Jameson Fink May 7, 2012 um 12:07 pm

"In keeping with the motto of my life: Figure out what is great about the situation that you are in and enjoy the crap out of it."

Love your motto!



Jessy May 7, 2012 um 12:13 pm

Looks simple and delicious! Two things I love about food!


Megan {Country Cleaver} May 7, 2012 um 12:34 pm

Good motto. And the mango mozzarella, I’m all over this. The balsamic just makes me gleek with joy and a wicked case of the hungries.


Michelle May 7, 2012 um 12:44 pm

I once steamed lobster tails in my rice cooker…. Happy unpacking!



Jackie May 7, 2012 um 1:44 pm



Julia May 7, 2012 um 1:21 pm

Ugh, moving is when you’re worst waiting for all the important things like internet and cable, I mean, gas and water, to turn on.
I love the super thin mango wrapped around cheese, brilliant!

And ps, your comment about coconut, I almost pee’d laughing. We ARE the same person… I had the EXACT same coconut progression from mounds, then malibu, and coconut shrimp and so on… I worked at Outback in college, hence coconut shrimp introduction/addiction. They also had a toasted coconut hot fudge sunday, HOLY CRAP, INSANE!
Ok, novel = over.


Jackie May 7, 2012 um 1:43 pm

HAHA! Why don’t we hang out? We live relatively close by each other. We have to fix that soon 🙂 And Outback? I worked at Red Robbin! Coconut shrimp and Malibu a-plenty!


Cassie May 7, 2012 um 3:45 pm

I adore your attitude, Jackie. You are awesome. And so are these. And the way you peeled the mango is so brilliant. I adore you!


Blog is the New Black May 7, 2012 um 3:46 pm

Two of my FAVORITE things! I would never think of this!


Baker Street May 7, 2012 um 7:59 pm

Simple and delicious. I think its a fabulous idea Jackie! Love how you peeled the mango.


sippitysup May 7, 2012 um 8:05 pm

Love it. But you probably made this for me and knew I would! GREG


Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious May 7, 2012 um 8:32 pm

Is it bad that I’m kind of glad that you don’t have a cooking stove right now? Because you just created an amazing cook-less recipe here!


chinmayie @ love food eat May 7, 2012 um 9:53 pm

This is such an awesome idea! Love you simple quick creative recipes like this 🙂


rachel May 7, 2012 um 10:30 pm

Wow! I never thought of putting mango and mozzarella together, but obviously it seems like a perfect combination!


Rachel @ Bakerita May 8, 2012 um 1:37 am

This looks super delicious! I would never consider putting mango with mozzarella and balsamic, but it sounds weirdly appealing. I’ll be trying this for sure!
-Rachel @


Sarah May 8, 2012 um 10:13 am

I have no idea what this flavor combination would taste like, but it sounds tasty!


Baking Serendipity May 8, 2012 um 8:52 pm

I love how simple this is! Good luck unpacking and getting settled in 🙂


[email protected] May 9, 2012 um 6:10 am

I’ll be in your shoes in a few weeks… I’m moving at the end of the month. And perhaps I’ll even be making this amazing looking app. YUM chica!


Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies May 9, 2012 um 10:35 am

Wow, this is so creative–and I mean that in a "I’m going to make this soon!" way and not a "This is kind of weird" way. 😀 Totally making me hungry!

I hoping settling in and unpacking goes quickly–it can be so stressful not having everything in its place!


LP @dishclips May 9, 2012 um 8:41 pm

A new way to eat mozzarella. Thanks for sharing!


Maggie @ kitchie coo May 17, 2012 um 2:36 pm

Goodness, what a treat! I love fruit and cheese together, and this is a very creative pairing. Love it. Good luck getting unpacked, that is never much fun, but its rewarding in the end!


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