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How To: Roll Cut and Stuff Pork Loin

This isn’t a recipe. Not really. It’s how to actually cut this sucker so you can stuff food inside of it.

What you’ll need:

1.5 lb pork loin

Sharp knife

Kitchen twine

Whatever you are going to stuff your pork with

Bread crumbs

Baking dish

Preheat oven to 375.

Place your pork loin on a cutting surface. This is a basic diagram of where you will be cutting.

Start cutting closest to the cutting board, about 1/4 to 1/2 inch above the bottom of the loin

Don’t cut through, stop with about 1/2 inch to go. Then open the loin like a book that you are about 3/4 of the way through, with more pages on the left than the right.

Make your final cut, bisecting the thicker side of the loin.

Open the final flap.

I like to trim off the uneven front and back, making it cleaner and easy to stuff

Stuff your pork with your stuffing.

Then fill your open pork loin with your desired filling, leaving about 1/2 inch on all sides.

My filling is just a simple olive oil, garlic, spinach, gorgonzola and bread crumbs. 

Starting at the side closest to you, roll the pork tightly. 

Once that is rolled, cut about 2 feet of kitchen twine. 

Tie one end of the twine tightly around one end of the loin. 

Place the long end of the twine about two inches down the top, center of the loin. Securing the two inch line in place with your thumb, bring the rest of the twine underneath the loin.

Bring the kitchen twine back underneath the twine elbow you just created and pull tightly.

Continue this process two of three more times down the length of the loin until you reach the end. Secure tightly at the far end.

Roll the loin in bread crumbs and bake at for 30-40 minutes of until the internal temp is about 160. You still want a slight hint of pink in the center of the loin.

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Rhonda February 8, 2012 um 12:09 pm

Great tutorial, looks delish!


Paula- bell’alimento February 8, 2012 um 12:19 pm

What a great tutorial! Thanks so much for including my stuffed pork tenderloin link : )


Jackie February 9, 2012 um 10:27 am

Of course! Beautiful recipe 🙂


Tess Gardner: Creative Cooking February 8, 2012 um 12:59 pm

I am glad you posted this tutorial, I have done it all wrong in the past and looking online for a "how to" was challenging, at best! thanks again =))


Jackie February 8, 2012 um 1:26 pm

Thank you! I’m glad you like it 🙂


Cassie February 8, 2012 um 3:36 pm

Awesome! We are fans of smoking pork loins but we’ve never stuffed it before throwing it on the smoker, must try!


Jackie February 9, 2012 um 10:27 am

Smoked?? Yes please!


Michelle February 8, 2012 um 4:54 pm

Thank you so much for this!


Julie at Burnt Carrots February 8, 2012 um 7:12 pm

Ummm…. where were you a few months ago when I butchered a pork loin trying to stuff it?? This is awesome! Next time I make pork loin, there will be a little less swearing in my kitchen. 🙂


Rosa February 8, 2012 um 8:01 pm

Thanks for the tutorial! I have a pork tenderloin in the freezer and I will try this method over the weekend. Thanks for sharing!! BTW, the filling you made sounds scrumptious. 🙂


Baker Street February 8, 2012 um 9:45 pm

Great tutorial Jackie! It looks fantastic!


Liz February 9, 2012 um 6:03 am

What a fabulous, informative post! Your stuffed tenderloin looks so yummy!


fatpiginthemarket February 9, 2012 um 9:49 am

The way you presented this information is awesome. You made it super clear and easy to follow. Also…I like your version of filling. Gorgonzola!


Kim Bee February 13, 2012 um 2:30 pm

You rock Jackie. I had no idea how to do this and now I can stuff away. Thank you.


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dema January 25, 2013 um 2:37 am

Great tips.but the polish on the finger tips should’a been cleaned. prior to any contact of food. Polish can chip and cause food contamination….


Colm January 2, 2014 um 6:23 am

Thanks for the cutting of pork steak pictures.
Excelent, worked first time, hope it tastes good later with the stuffing.
The first picture was better than any video.


David December 15, 2018 um 5:34 pm

I did this recipe and, instead of caramelizing the onions, I used Confit Onions with Porto ( a gift from a friend) and added some thin slices of raw sweet onions in the stuffing. The pork loin came out perfect! Thank you very much for a great recipe! I made a peppery gravy (using a homemade roux) – with black peppercorns – that I added a little bit of Cognac in and…’s heavenly good, to go with the loin. My friends were amazed with the dish.


Gail January 1, 2019 um 11:53 am

This looks so easy! Attempting for my daughter’s mom in law New Year’s day!! Wish me luck


Nancy Powers January 18, 2019 um 10:17 am

Is this a pork loin or tenderloin? I see this all over Pinterest. It looks like a pork tenderloin. Two different cuts Thanks


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