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Halloween Recipe: Avocado Witches Fingers

Spooky Halloween treat. Looks like slimy, severed fingers, makes you hungry, right? That’s the best part about Halloween, you get to make crazy, gross, appetizers that are inspired by dismembered body parts and people love it.

Spooky Avocado Witches Fingers

4 Avocados
peeled, pitted and halved
1 tbs lemon or lime juice
2 ounces goat cheese
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon chili powder
1 ounce prosciutto slices

Cut each avocado half into 4-6 slices. Place in medium bowl and gently toss in lemon juice.

 Fill the center of each avocado slice with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon goat cheese mixture.

Sprinkle with salt, pepper and chili powder.

Wrap each avocado “finger” with 1/3 slice of prosciutto until the goat cheese is secured to the avocado. Make sure to leave the tip of the avocado exposed, to resemble a finger nail. Arrange the avocados in the shape of a hand on the plate to add extra spookiness. Serve and Enjoy!

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Laura @ Family Spice October 10, 2011 um 11:33 am

You had me at avocado! Voted for you, but your link was to your recipe not to where you vote. I found it here:

Good luck! Looks so yummy!


Jaxie October 10, 2011 um 11:36 am

Thanks Laura! I just fixed it. Thanks for the vote =)


claire @ the realistic nutritionist October 10, 2011 um 11:54 am

These are SO cute, I love them!!


Stephanie @ Eat. Drink. Love. October 10, 2011 um 12:20 pm

These look tasty and spooky! Funny, I’m doing a creepy cheddar witch finger recipe later this week!


Susie October 10, 2011 um 1:53 pm

These look like a lot of fun for Halloween and they are healthy nicely done. 🙂


Jaxie October 10, 2011 um 2:03 pm

Thanks ladies! Now all I need is a Halloween party to go to!


RecipeObsessed October 10, 2011 um 4:02 pm

Totally voted! Yum!


Jaxie October 10, 2011 um 4:05 pm

Thank you!!


Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves October 10, 2011 um 5:41 pm

I’m looking for a recipe to bring to a Halloween party. This is in the running. If not I could always just eat it at home!


Kelly October 10, 2011 um 6:12 pm

What a cute idea, these look delicious! 🙂


Naoko October 10, 2011 um 7:44 pm

This looks Delicious. I would like to try this, is there a sub for goat cheese??(I can’t get goat cheese here). I’m not sure what other cheeses would go good with avocado.. Voted for you too.. Good Luck


Jaxie October 10, 2011 um 8:13 pm

Try cream cheese and just season it with your favorite spices (before or after you add it to the avocado). And thanks for the vote =)


anne October 10, 2011 um 9:46 pm

Voted for your yummy entry , GOODLUCK !!!!


Jaxie October 11, 2011 um 8:40 am

Awwww, thanks =)


Mindy October 11, 2011 um 1:45 pm

These sound sooooo good!!!


Betsy October 12, 2011 um 7:08 am

Voted! I love this idea too. Everything is better with goat cheese


Jaxie October 12, 2011 um 11:06 am

You’re so sweet Betsy =)


simone October 13, 2011 um 7:30 am

This would be so great for our Halloween Recipe Blog Hop!


Mimi Avocado November 1, 2011 um 2:56 pm

What a great way to serve avocados! Not only delicious but creative! We raise avocados on our family farm and love to feature links to special recipes on our Facebook page. We’ll feature you today!


Jackie November 1, 2011 um 3:06 pm

Thank you!! How lucky are you to have a backyard full of such a yummy treat!


Julia January 5, 2012 um 10:14 am

Saw these on pinterest and just about fell outta my chair! AMAZING idea!!!!!


Laura September 12, 2012 um 4:54 am

Let the goat cheese soften and fill the avocado when it is only halved then slice into pieces. Much neater and less labor intensive. Also dip knife in hot water to aide in cutting


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Brandilynn March 23, 2013 um 2:40 am

Just sayin, witchy fingers are good for ANY DAY.

And I realized, it is reasonable to think you are making these for company, but when you are forced to eat the first few because your wrapping skills are not dabomb?

You wonder if they really SHOULD be for company. Or for you. Now.



Jackie March 23, 2013 um 8:51 am

I agree, good every day. I made them for a Halloween food contest, so that’s why the strange name. But tasty snack all year long 🙂


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Denise September 17, 2013 um 1:33 pm

These were so yummy! Made them for Monday night Football last night- we tossed em on the grill for a few min on each side & even added a lil bell pepper strip in each for some crunch & they were DELISH!


Jackie September 17, 2013 um 2:50 pm

Yum!! That sounds amazing!


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Sandy December 19, 2013 um 8:23 pm

These look like a wonderful idea for my upcoming Christmas party. Looking to add some healthy finger foods! Thanks for the recipe.


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