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Girl Scout Samoas Waffles Recipe With Coconut Caramel Sauce

I had a couple of crack dealers show up at my door the other day. Looking all smug in their green little uniforms, pretending to be nothing more than just innocent little children. But they knew what they were doing, trying to force me to buy their crack. Or Girl Scout cookies. Whatever. I don’t need this guy with his cartoon gun to help me choose my favorite cookie, that’s easy: Samoas.

And you need to get creative when you have 17 boxes of cookies because you remember what it was like to try and sell stuff as a kid, and people shut their door in your face or calculated the cost per ounce and then told you it wasn’t a "good buy" as if that was the point, then once you grow up, you are a total sucker for kids selling crack. I mean cookies.

I’ll tell you my brilliant selling strategy I used when I was a kid.

Picture this:

Late 1980’s, tiny, blond, innocent looking elementary school kid with huge blue eyes outside the grocery store. My target was hip looking men in their early 20’s.

Me: "Sir, will you help us raise money for Rick Dees?"

Him: "What happened to Rick Dees?"

Me: "He’s in the hospital, he fell off the Top 40."

Worked every time. They laughed and then bought cookies. Humor and crack cookies are a dangerous combination.

Another dangerous combo? Waffles and crack cookies.

Girl Scout Samoas Waffles With Coconut Caramel Sauce

6 Girl Scout Samoas Cookies

2 cups flour

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 tbs sugar

3 eggs, divided into whites and yolks

1 3/4 cup milk

1 tbs vegetable oil

1 tsp vanilla extract

Butter flavored cooking spray

Coconut Caramel Sauce Recipe

Preheat waffle iron.

Roughly chop the cookies and put them in a food processor, processing until mostly crumbs are left. A few larger pieces are fine.

You’ll need three bowls.

On one bowl, put the cookies crumbs, flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Stir until combined.

in the second bowl, put the egg yolks, milk, vanilla and oil, whisk until combined.

In the third bowl, add the egg whites and beat with a hand mixer until frothy and very light, about 4 minutes.

Make a well in the dry ingredients and add the milk mixture, stirring until just combined. Don’t over mix.

Gently fold in the egg whites.

Spray the inside of the waffle iron with butter flavored spray. Cook the waffles according to waffle iron specifications. 

Top with caramel sauce, and additional Samoas crumbs if you wanna get craaaazy. 

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amy @ fearless homemaker February 29, 2012 um 9:12 am

holy moly, these sound amazing! conveniently, i still have one box of samoas in the house, begging to be used, too….


Jackie February 29, 2012 um 9:32 am

I still have a few boxes too! I also buy the shortbread cookies because I’m less prone to eat, like 157 in one sitting, and they make an amazing substitute for graham crackers in pie crusts.


Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious February 29, 2012 um 10:09 am

As I was reading the first paragraph, I really thought people came by to sell crack and kept thinking, "Wow I didn’t know people knocked on doors and did that stuff."

I love that you bought 17 boxes, and it’s so innovative that you made these beautiful waffles. I have not come across a samoas recipe like this so I’m super excited to give this a try!


Jackie February 29, 2012 um 10:19 am

Haha! Thanks! I buy them from everyone who asks me, it’s pretty much a sickness. Wouldn’t it be a little hilarious if the economy was SO bad that crack dealers had to go selling door-to-door? I know, I have a sick sense of humor.


Kelly February 29, 2012 um 10:33 am

Gorgeous pictures, this looks incredible!! 🙂


Griffin’s Grub February 29, 2012 um 11:09 am

WOW!! Now you have me craving crack…I mean samoas…I mean samoa waffles. That looks amazing!


Colleen Bierstine February 29, 2012 um 2:48 pm

Nah uh. You did not do this! These waffles have to be the most brilliant idea I’ve seen in a while. I need them in my life…like right now! And you’re so right about those deceptive girl scouts being like crack dealers. They’re little devils!


Tina@flourtrader February 29, 2012 um 2:51 pm

I have not see any girl scouts around here-now I will be scouting for them! This is an amazing way to turn a delicious waffle into a dessert treats. Definitely one to try out and you were right on the mark with the cookie you picked-yum!


Jackie February 29, 2012 um 3:19 pm

I can’t get away from them! and I’m powerless to their charms, which is why I have so many boxes. That and my inability to say no.


Julie at Burnt Carrots February 29, 2012 um 6:12 pm

Hello heaven! Seriously, I might lick my computer screen….. Samoas make me weak in the knees and in a waffle – oh my goodness!!!


Cassie March 1, 2012 um 4:32 am

This is completely brilliant. Love the flavor combo!


Julie @ Table for Two March 1, 2012 um 5:49 am

um…yum! I still haven’t gotten any girl scout cookies yet & samoas are my #1 favorite *cries*


Steve @ the black peppercorn March 1, 2012 um 6:51 am

whenever they come by my house I buy far too many boxes! These look great.


Maria March 1, 2012 um 8:09 am

I need these!


Barbara @ Barbara Bakes March 1, 2012 um 9:34 am

Oh these do look dangerous! I’ve been avoiding Samoas this year, but I’m going to have to hunt some down now. What about topping it with the Samoa ice cream too!


Deanna March 1, 2012 um 10:01 am

I buy them all because I remember what it was like trying to get people to buy the cookies. They have a new flavor this year that is based on a Speculoos cookie and its pretty amazing. Unfortunately, I only bought 1 box.


Lauren @ Pass the Plate March 1, 2012 um 10:54 am

Samoas are by far the best girl scout cookies! We ordered so many boxes, and surprisingly still have a few left…this will be a great way to use up the rest!


Liz March 1, 2012 um 5:45 pm

I am trying to ignore the boxes of crack in my basement freezer…those Samoas are my favorite! And would I ever love to eat breakfast at your house! What fabulous waffles and syrup…mmmmmmmmm.


Peggy March 2, 2012 um 6:41 am

Okay, these are by far THE best use for Samoas I have ever seen. Must make these for breakfast pronto =)


Kristina March 2, 2012 um 7:07 am

Omygoshhh I need to make these!! I just bought my first box of peanut butter patties this week… yum! I don’t know what they do to those cookies but they are addicting. I polished off the first box in like 2 days..oops 🙂


fatpiginthemarket March 2, 2012 um 9:23 am

Samoas are totally the best girl scout cookie. I’m in awe of your waffle creation.


Maggie March 5, 2012 um 9:11 pm

I have only one question…how much weight has your hubby gained since you started lacing his waffles with cookies? You are mean…just mean…tell him I said hi, by the way. I don’t even want to know the stats on these bad boys.


[email protected] March 9, 2012 um 7:53 am

GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My GS cookies are coming in on Monday. I don’t have a waffle iron, so I guess I’ll just have to make pancakes… or stuffed French toast!


Mandy March 9, 2012 um 9:56 am

baking meets sarcastic humor? this might be my new favorite blog considering you combine my favorite two things!


Jackie March 9, 2012 um 11:08 am

Welcome! 😉


Bonita August 23, 2012 um 12:34 pm

Just letting you know that I linked to this recipe on a page I wrote about National Waffle Day.


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Girl Scout Leader February 10, 2013 um 9:05 am

I LOVE this! I’m a Girl Scout leader and appreciate your support of girl scouts. I’m getting ambitious and making a Cookie Recipe book to give to generous supporters and want to use this recipe in the book. I am making 0 profit, it’s just a goodwill to awesomely fabulous customers. May I use this recipe, and of course credit your blog on the recipe card? You rock!


Jackie February 10, 2013 um 9:14 am

Of course! I’m a sucker for kids selling anything. I didn’t have a lot of money growing up and I depended 100% on the sales of cookies & candy to go to camps. Most kids have parents that can supplement if they don’t "reach the goal." but I didn’t. Please, feel free to use my photo and recipe, just make sure to credit me and only use it for non-profit purposes. Thank you!


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Alex March 18, 2014 um 11:51 am

Hi! how many waffles does this recipe yield?


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