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Blackberry Cabernet Wontons

I know that you can all tell how much I love party food, I’ve been making a lot of it these days. Food to serve to other people. Every country in the world will tell you how important food is to their culture, how community happens around a table, how love grows between mouthfuls of hand made food. It’s too bad that hasn’t become ingrained in Americans. We have "fast" food, as if we just need to get through the meal as quickly as possible to move on to better things like…reality TV? Whats the rush? Why don’t more people savor meal times, enjoy it as a journey and view food as too sacred to be "Fast"? Or take time to make food for as well as WITH their loved ones? 

Blackberry Cabernet Wontons 

3 cups of blackberries (fresh or frozen)

1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, (plus 1/4 cup for dusting, divided)

1/2 cup Cabernet Sauvignon

1/2 tsp salt

14-16 wonton wrappers

In a pot over medium heat, add the blackberries, 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar, wine and salt. allow to cook and reduce until the liquid becomes very thick, with tracks left behind when you drag a spoon through the pan, about 10-15 minutes. Frozen berries have a higher water content, so those will take longer than fresh.

Allow to cool.

Place the wonton wrappers on a flat surface. Brush all of the edges with water.

Place about 1 to 2 tsp of blackberries in the center of the wonton paper.

Fold the wonton paper in half to form a triangle, press the edges together until very well sealed.

Brush the bottom of the triangle with water and fold the corners into the center and press into shape.

Heat 1/4 to 1/2 cup of oil (enough to form about 1/2 inch of oil in the bottom of your pan) in a pan over medium-high heat.

Cook the wontons, about 6 at a time, on each side until golden brown. About 3 minutes per side.

Remove from pan and allow to dry on a stack of paper towels. 

Sprinkle with powdered sugar. 

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Cassie January 20, 2012 um 3:39 pm

Oh my gosh, this is awesome. Beautiful!


Dori January 20, 2012 um 5:13 pm

These look so amazingly good!


Steve @ the black peppercorn January 20, 2012 um 5:33 pm

wow – these look delicious. I did two posts of wonton appetizers this past week, but mine were of the savoury variation. I could eat a lot of these!


Stephanie January 20, 2012 um 6:22 pm

These look excellent. Did you serve them warm?


Jackie January 20, 2012 um 6:23 pm

I served them at room temp, so kinda warm 🙂


Kathy January 21, 2012 um 2:07 am

My parents always make wontons to put in soup. I wonder how they’ll react when I make these…?
Americans are just so busy…and fast food isn’t healthy either!


jules @ bananamondaes January 21, 2012 um 3:49 am

what a lovely idea, the crisp wonton with the sweet blackberry – amazing.


Jen @ pretty plate January 21, 2012 um 11:45 am

My husband would LOVE these! I must make these for Valentine’s Day.
Beautiful photos, beautiful site.

: ))


Velva January 21, 2012 um 3:02 pm

These are beautiful!

I can’t think of a better way to connect to family and friends than sharing the grace of a meal. We need to get back to our dinner tables and out of the fast food drive through-



Liz January 21, 2012 um 5:56 pm

Gorgeous!!! I love a desert that’s so unique, beautiful and delicious!!! Fantastic idea!


LInda January 22, 2012 um 9:20 am

Sounds incredible..I would try these in the oven..spray with Pam and bake at 425 degrees? What do you think?


Jackie January 22, 2012 um 12:52 pm

Sounds like it’s worth a try!


Miss Meshow January 23, 2012 um 11:11 am

Sounds delicious! I’ve got some brie that I’ve been hanging onto and I think it would go well tucked in with those blackberries!


Jackie January 23, 2012 um 11:34 am

That sounds awesome! You should do that.


Andrea January 23, 2012 um 2:35 pm

Oh man Jackie, these sound sooooo good! Definitely gonna try them out. I love anything with 5 ingredients!!


Molly January 24, 2012 um 4:01 pm

Do you think I could substitute Merlot for the Cabernet in these?


Jackie January 24, 2012 um 6:43 pm

Absolutely! Give it a try 🙂


Kim Bee January 26, 2012 um 9:50 pm

Okay sistah please come make these for me stat. I am weak with anticipation.


Katia January 30, 2012 um 5:31 am

I’m so amazed, I love your blog, your recipes and your pics!
These wantons are just phenomenal, It’s definitely worth a try.


Jackie January 30, 2012 um 10:17 am

Oh my gosh! You’re so sweet, thank you!


Tracy @ Daily Deal Blog February 3, 2012 um 6:59 pm

I like your idea I can also make strawberry and blueberry wanton. Thanks for another delicious-looking recipe!


Mary Thomas March 3, 2012 um 12:29 pm

Have you used Gluten free wonton wrappers?


Jackie March 3, 2012 um 4:35 pm

No. didn’t even know they made such a thing! Sounds interesting.


Cheryl October 6, 2012 um 5:42 pm

Trying these tonight with brie. They look amazing… thanks for all of the great posts! I’ve made several of your recipes and they’ve all been lovely.


Jackie October 6, 2012 um 7:04 pm

Thank you so much!


Jolene March 13, 2015 um 5:22 am

Hi there,is there an alternative for the Cabernet Sauvignon?


Elle E August 5, 2016 um 10:08 pm

What type of oil would you use?


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