Beer and Bacon Jam

Beer and bacon in a spreadable form, this may be the best thing to ever come out of my kitchen. It is a simple food, a few ingredients that over time become large with flavor and possibilities.  A conversation piece, something your guest won’t forget, or a handmade gift for those carnivorous beer lovers in your life. Although the cooking time is long, your active time is relatively short.

This is the perfect way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon: The smell of bacon welling up around you in a sun soaked kitchen with Delta Spirit rising from the speakers and the rest of the demanding world no longer existing. Just you, music and the transformation of ingredients happening on your stove. Cooking, creating, lingering in my kitchen gives a very grounded feeling to my over extend life. A reminder that I need to slow down and enjoy, just be. A recipe that ask little of me other that the time it takes to simply simmer is a reminder of that, just be.

Beer & Bacon Jam


  • 12 oz thick sliced bacon (8-10 thick strips)
  • 4 cloves of garlic, smashed
  • 1/2 cup yellow onion, chopped
  • 1 1/4 cups amber ale or imperial stout, divided
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2/3 cup brown sugar


  1. In a large pot or dutch oven, cook the bacon, working in batches if neccessary. Remove the bacon from the pan and allow to cool and then roughly chop. Drain off the bacon grease from the pot, leaving only about 1 tbs bacon drippings in the bottom of the pot. Return the pot to heat and cook the onions until soft and translucent, about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and stir for about 30 seconds. Add 1 cup beer and both vinegars, scraping to deglaze the bottom of the pot. Add the brown sugar and the bacon, reduce heat to maintain a simmer. Place the lid on the pot at an angle, allowing to vent the steam. Cook until reduced to a thick and syrupy consistency, stirring occasionally, about 45 minutes. Transfer to a food processor along with remaining 1/4 cup beer and pulse until most of the large pieces have been chopped.
  2. Serve at room temperature.

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55 thoughts on “Beer and Bacon Jam

  1. I’ve been wanting to make bacon jam for ever… and for someone who eats bacon at least once a day I’m not sure why I haven’t yet! Looks amazing!

  2. I’m trying to imagine how this would taste but I have no clue to be honest, but I know it’s gonna be good by looking at the ingredients! Another awesome recipe for the future Beeroness cook book 😉

  3. This looks great, but I was wondering at the possibility of shipping this overseas? Do you know if it would keep? It would be to a warm destination and take about 2-3 weeks? It almost sounds like I answered my own question though …

    1. It last a long time in the fridge, but I have no idea how to make it shelf stable. I know there are a lot of canning methods you can use to make something like this stable and preserve it for months, just like you would a more “typical” jam but I’ve never done it. Look into websites about canning and those methods apply to any type of jam. Good luck!

      1. Good to know. I’ve thought about canning this for Christmas gifts, I’ll check into pressure canning. Thanks!

  4. It was amazing on our burgers this weekend. Definitely worth the process, gonna make a double-batch next time!

  5. I have made this several times and it tastes GOOD! I need to retain more of the beer flavor though. By the time it gets to jam consistency we can barely taste the beer. Any ideas about how to keep more of the beer flavor?


    1. I’m so glad you like it! The best way to add more beer flavor into anything is to make what I call “Beer Extract.” Put about 12 ounces of beer in a pot over medium high heat and cook until reduce to about 1 tbs, stirring occasionally (about 15 minutes). Add that at the end phase of the jam and that should give you more beer flavors.

    1. It depends on how long you want to keep it. I usually make it and use it up in a few days. But if you want to give it as gifts or keep it in a pantry, then I would can It.

  6. Hello. I want to make this jam but have no idea what you are suppose to eat it with! Could you give me some ideas. Thank you.

    1. you can use this for anything! I like it burgers, paninis, quesadillas, but it also is great as a base for a crostini or a tart. I’ve also swirled it into brownies and added it to vanilla ice cream.

  7. Just saw you on supermarket stars, I thought your product was the clear winner. I’m not quite sure why Michael was so hell bent in making you use that artificial beer flavor, glad you stuck to your guns! There are tons of sweet-spicy jellies out there, I didn’t think Patricia’s product was innovative at all! Plus her personality didn’t seat well with me (and not everybody knows what bonnet peppers are!!!!!!) I’ll be making your recipe this weekend, can’t wait, and I’m sure you can do so much better than that tv show!

    1. Thank you so much! I was actually glad she won, she had put so much into her product and she earned it. Glad to see the prize go to someone who really appreciated it. Plus I have a cookbook comin’ out so I’m happy! Thanks again 🙂

  8. Just saw your product on Supermarket Superstar. I was hoping you would win. I had never heard of this jam before so I looked it up and found your blog. I am looking forward to making this. I plan on canning it and sending it to my husband and his guys who are all deployed. Thanks!!

  9. Saw you on tv tonight too and was also cheering for you. Had to look you up.thanks for all the wonderful recipes. Am going to try the jam too. Looks wonderful!

  10. Sooooo I could not wait until the weekend and made this tonight. All I can say is OMG!! I put it on a burger and it was just amazing. I used Guinness Extra Stout and I could definitely taste the beer. The one thing I might do next time is add a bit more bacon, I used about 10 slices but they were a bit thin. This recipe is a winner! I’m glad I decided to see what Supermarket Superstar was all about last night! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe!

    1. Thank you CJ! I can taste the beer too, but I guess if people have only had pale lagers and don’t know what stout taste like, it might be hard flavors for them to pick out.

  11. I missed the end of Supermarket Superstars but from the comments I see you didn’t give in to the pressure to use the extract – hooray! I didn’t get why they were pushing the beer flavor so much; I mean, beer-battered onion rings, etc. don’t taste much like beer. I was thinking you could maybe make your own concentrated beer from a whole bottle, but that would still be expensive, or get to an essence of beer by adding something like brewer’s yeast or something that would hint at those beer flavors while still being natural. I don’t like buying things with added flavors, so I was happy to see that you didn’t compromise.

    1. Thanks! The funny thing is that I can taste the beer. But it’s a stout, so if someone is looking for a pale lager type taste, it isn’t there. FInishing the jam with beer makes the taste stronger, but still rather faint. Either way, it still tastes great and that’s the most important part!

  12. I have a jam & jelly booth at 2 Farmer’s Markets. My cousin called me today to tell me about your bacon & beer jam. She knows I am always on the lookout for something totally different. Now I will make this and try to seal it in my jelly jars to sell. This will be the talk of the Market! If I am not able to seal it, then I will just give out samples to taste and still have their attention. Thanks.

  13. I just made this!!! It is SOOOOOOO good! I put it on ham paninis and quesadillas, SO good! You got robbed!

  14. Hi Jackie! I am so excited I found you. My husband and I cook with craft beer all the time. Now we will have new recipes to try!! I saw you on supermarket superstar and I think you made the right choice in not using the extract. It would cheapen your product and diminish what you stand for, quality beer and food. I wish you luck on your endeavors!

    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t think the product was improved at all with the extract so I have no regrets about leaving it out. And I can taste the beer 🙂

  15. Great product idea I think! I watched the show this morning and thought you should have won. I was thinking about your packaging and thought if you put the jam in a beer can style package people would be dying to try it. Just the novelty in the can would help your sales. Just a thought. Good luck with your company.

    1. I love your brand! I hope you will still try to make It in to the supermarkets, or at least sell some products online? Also-the guy with the idea about packaging your products in beer cans would be a great idea!

  16. Bacon jam is so crazy good… If you’re feeling lazy, you can order this stuff pre-made from The Bacon Jams ( They have 4 amazing flavors including black pepper & honey, red chile & garlic, and chocolate cherry! My favorite is the red chile & garlic… it’s got a little zip, perfect on shrimp or scallops!

  17. Hi, I’m from Brasil and saw your jam on channel TLC. Só, I’m falling for your jam hehe, your ideas are great! xoxo

    1. It depends on the size of the jar. If you’re worried about a final yield, double the recipe and you’ll have more than enough 🙂

  18. Would you have any recommendations for substitutions for vinegar? I have someone who would love this, but there’s a vinegar allergy 🙁

    1. I’m not totally sure, I’ve done some research but I don’t have a clear answer. Maybe try a combo of sherry and soy sauce but I’m not sure if soy sauce will cause a reaction. That has to be a hard allergy, there is vinegar in so many things!

  19. I’m confused as to can it using a water bath method or pressure cooker method. Usually water bath is fine if the recipe has a high acid content like this does but I’ve always known meat to be canned using a pressure cooker, because they have low acid levels. I’m confused as to which I should do.

    Can you please speak to this?

  20. I have made this before and it is divine. I have an idea to put inside puff pastry (think toaster strudel) with a maple icing…hmmm…

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