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Apricot Peaches and Cream Turnovers

In honor of moms everywhere, and the upcoming Mothers Day holiday, I’m hosting some giveaways this week with a Mothers Day brunch theme! 

Sur La Table giveaway

If you are a coffee drinker, you need to get a French press. This is the best way to make coffee at home, and it doesn’t get any easier. You get an amazing coffee-house flavor, and it doesn’t even need electricity. I fell in love with French press coffee in Europe and I’ve used them ever since.

This gorgeous version from Le Creuset is available at Sur La Table, and as I’ve told you before, I’m a huge fan of Sur La Table.

For a gorgeous, thoughtfully stocked, kitchen store, their prices are outstanding (remember that marble rolling board? Shockingly inexpensive!) and the store has everything I’m looking for, I’d take this over shoe shopping any day (ok, most days).

Sur La Table and I are giving away this fabulous Le Creuset French Press (that I adore) and some amazing Sarahbeth’s Peach Apricot jam that has quickly become a favorite of mine. The ingredients are amazingly simple: sugar, water, peaches, apricots. The simplicity of the recipe puts the focus on the amazing fruit. Try turning over the jar of jam at your local super market and you’ll know why I’m so thrilled with this jam. Most commercial jam is full of dozens of unpronounceable ingredients, and even food dye (why the heck does my apricot jam need to be oranger?!). Sarahbeth’s jam is amazing, I’m a fan of the honest ingredients and incredibly huge flavors of real life fruit.

Peaches and Cream Turnovers4

Because this jam is so gorgeously simple, I wanted a recipe that was simple as well. Something easy to throw together for your Mothers Day brunch, but that will show off that fabulous jam.

Just roll out a sheet of puff pastry and cut it into squares.

Peaches and Cream Turnovers5

Fill those squares with a little sweetened cream cheese and jam (the stuff that breakfast dreams are made of).

Peaches and Cream Turnovers6

Seal it up to keep all the good stuff inside.

Peaches and Cream Turnovers7

Brush it will a glaze made from jam and a little water to thin it.

Peaches and Cream Turnovers8

Bake it to golden brown perfection.

Peaches and Cream Turnovers

Apricot Peaches and Cream Turnovers

Yield: Yield: 6 Pastries


  • 4 ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 sheet puff pastry, thawed
  • ¼ cup Apricot jam
  • 2 tbs jam plus 1 tbs water for glaze
  • pearl or sanding sugar (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 400.
  2. In a small bowl, stir together the cream cheese and the powdered sugar, set aside.
  3. Roll out the puff pastry on a lightly floured surface. Cut into 6 equal sized squares.
  4. Add 1 tablespoon sweetened cream cheese towards one corner of the squares, leaving about ½ inch edge empty. Top with 1 tablespoon jam.
  5. Moisten the edges with water, fold the puff pastry over into a triangle.
  6. Use a fork to seal the edges, transfer to a baking sheet that has been covered with a silicone baking mat or parchment paper.
  7. In a small bowl, wisk together the 2 tbs jam and 1 tbs water. Brush each pastry with the glaze, sprinkle with pearl or sanding sugar if desired.
  8. Bake at 400 for 15 to 18 minutes or until golden brown.


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abby April 29, 2013 um 8:42 pm

i’ve always wanted a coffee press!


Anne B. April 30, 2013 um 2:24 am

My first contact with Sur la Table was many moons ago at Pike Place Market….it was a magical place! Thanks for the chance to win!


Averie @ Averie Cooks April 30, 2013 um 2:40 am

I love how simple these are, but how fancy they look! Puff pastry is the best…and that jam and cream cheese don’t look too shabby! And the French press is beautiful!


Jessica@AKitchenAddiction April 30, 2013 um 6:13 am

Love how simple these turnovers are! They sound wonderful!


Andrea M April 30, 2013 um 6:13 am

You have the best giveaways I’ve ever seen – and that recipe! I can’t wait to make it!


Marcia April 30, 2013 um 6:17 am

These look so good….and actually easy! Can’t wait to try them!


Jen @ Savory Simple April 30, 2013 um 7:06 am

I’m obsessed with Sur la Table. There’s one just a few minutes down the road from me and it’s so dangerous!


Caroline April 30, 2013 um 7:14 am

These turnovers are so pretty! You’ve inspired me to break out that puff pastry in my freezer and make these! I know my family will be very happy! Thanks…great giveaway too! I’ve been looking for a French Press! That one is adorable!


Kim McCallie April 30, 2013 um 7:29 am

Those turnovers look delicious! I would love to have the French Press, too.


Kristen April 30, 2013 um 7:32 am

These turnovers look amazing! My mouth is watering just looking at the pictures!


Amy April 30, 2013 um 7:41 am

Those look divine, and then to add yummy coffee! I would be in heaven!


Maggie April 30, 2013 um 8:10 am

I think I could do that…even with four kids. Yeah for other people who don’t get food dye!


Cassie | Bake Your Day April 30, 2013 um 8:40 am

That is one gorgeous French press. We have one but rarely use it…it’s kind of a weekend-special-thing in our house. Love these turnovers, too. So spring-y!


Anna @ Crunchy Creamy Sweet April 30, 2013 um 8:42 am

These turnovers are gorgeous! Love the peaches and cream filling! The French press – swoon!!!


Anna (Hidden Ponies) April 30, 2013 um 8:47 am

I can’t believe how simple these are! I’ve seen that jam in the stores and I love the labeling – that’s as far as I got not being a fan of jam 🙂 But if it tastes like real fruit I’ll have to give it a try!


Valerie April 30, 2013 um 9:07 am

My beloved French press broke several years ago – I keep forgetting to replace it…maybe this is a sign? 😀


Kari M April 30, 2013 um 9:09 am

That jam looks fantastic. What a simple looking recipe. Can’t wait to try it.


Maria April 30, 2013 um 9:09 am

My husband would love this!


Maneesha Pradhan April 30, 2013 um 9:26 am

I love Sur La Table. Their products and customer service. The pastry look delicious.


Stephanie H April 30, 2013 um 9:34 am

Just recently discovered Sur La Table! Love it!!!!


carrian April 30, 2013 um 10:12 am

Those look amazing, amazing, amazing.


Gina Chun April 30, 2013 um 12:33 pm

It looks delicious


sippitysup April 30, 2013 um 1:20 pm

Don’t put the jam in the French Press that would be a Mess! GREG


claire @ the realistic nutritionist April 30, 2013 um 2:15 pm

me want me want!!!


Heather April 30, 2013 um 4:54 pm

I wish there was a SLT around these parts! Coastal NC is sad because of its lacking…


Kelly D April 30, 2013 um 5:05 pm

A coffee press would come in handy for me. Thanks!


Kim C. April 30, 2013 um 5:45 pm

Those turnovers look delicious!!! The combination of the cream cheese and the peach apricot jam sounds perfect!! I love all of Sarabeth’s Jams, they have some truly amazing flavors.


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Becky @ A Calculated Whisk April 30, 2013 um 7:10 pm

Looks delicious!


Laurie {Simply Scratch} April 30, 2013 um 7:13 pm

Jackie! These look so flaky and scrumptious!


Joline April 30, 2013 um 7:28 pm

Love Sur La Table, too. They’ve got such awesome products and great deals too! I’d rather wander around places like Sur La Table or Williams Sonoma over any other place! I also think I’m going to have to explore the turnover baking world, they look fab!


ashley – baker by nature April 30, 2013 um 7:46 pm

I would LOOOOOOVE to wake up to some of these turnovers! Seriously swooning over here!


Rust April 30, 2013 um 8:04 pm

I’ve long wanted a coffee press and this one is beautiful.


Elena Vo April 30, 2013 um 8:22 pm

Those would be perfect for Mother’s Day brunch!


Erin April 30, 2013 um 8:43 pm

First time to your blog, and I have to say if this is as good as it looks I WILL be following! I love me a good brunch recipe!


Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious May 1, 2013 um 1:36 am

Dude, these turnovers – I need them for breakfast tomorrow! Can I come over? 🙂

Btw, love the banner!


Ash May 1, 2013 um 4:08 am

This looks wonderfully simple and delicious!! Cannot wait to make!! Thank you for posting!! Perfect for Mother’s Day!


katie May 1, 2013 um 4:24 am

Ummm these turnovers look fabulous. Why have I not thought to make my own turnovers at home? Must make soon! Great giveaway, too!


Craig May 1, 2013 um 6:27 am

I’d love the new Le Creuset french press, especially since my drip coffee pot has been acting up lately. The jam looks delicious too!


Ericka G. May 1, 2013 um 6:52 am

What an awesome giveaway! The jam looks delicious and the coffee press is lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to win! 😀


Emily May 1, 2013 um 8:35 am

I’m in the market for a coffee press and I LOVE Sarabeth’s cookbook– have always wanted to try her jams! This is the perfect giveaway!


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Jenn May 1, 2013 um 9:05 am

Whooaaa!! First you have gorgeous croissants on Foodgawker and then a Sur La Table giveaway?? Gah, I’m so happy I found your blog this morning – you officially rule! 🙂

Thanks for the sweet giveaway. I hope I win so I can try your recipe!

Happy Wednesday to you,


karen May 1, 2013 um 10:40 am

Beautiful pastries and beautiful coffee press. I’ve only ever seen glass ones.


araceli espinoza May 1, 2013 um 10:52 am

yummy yummy yummy!!!


L Taylor May 1, 2013 um 11:38 am

This looks really delish and easy to make.


Stephanie May 1, 2013 um 11:48 am

OOoh these look so simple and delicious. I might have to give these a try over the weekend!


Elaine May 1, 2013 um 2:07 pm

Brilliant idea!


Cindy Aiton May 1, 2013 um 2:58 pm

Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway. I have always wanted to try a coffee press!


Elena May 1, 2013 um 3:30 pm

Thank you for the giveaway!


Jeffrey May 1, 2013 um 4:31 pm

My wife would love this French Press, it would be a great Mother’s Day gift!


Blessie Nelson May 1, 2013 um 5:40 pm

I loved french presses way before keurigs came along and still use them but to own a le creuset french press would be a honor 🙂


Jenna May 1, 2013 um 6:26 pm

Oh gosh puff pastries, my one weakness.. Throw in some coffee from that french press and you’re in heaven


Whitney May 1, 2013 um 6:38 pm

The last coffee press would bought EXPLODED! BOO! I love this one from Le Creuset though!


Carly May 1, 2013 um 9:26 pm



Jo May 1, 2013 um 10:26 pm

I love the simplicity of the French press and the flavorful coffee it produces! What a great giveaway!


Carrie May 2, 2013 um 6:30 am

I can’t wait to try these turnovers. They sound so good and easy. I make french press coffee every morning. Now I’m wanting a new french press.


Audrey May 2, 2013 um 7:20 am

Thank you for hosting this giveaway!


Cindy Brickley May 2, 2013 um 4:09 pm

Your turnovers look so good and I am going to be making some of these delicious beauties.


Marie May 2, 2013 um 5:10 pm

Yum! I just HAVE to try making these. They look too good to pass up 🙂


Khanh May 3, 2013 um 12:10 am

Wow, another beautiful recipe and another fantastic giveaway!!!


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Apricot Peaches and Cream Turnovers and Sur la Table Giveaway – Domestic Fits


Stephanie O May 3, 2013 um 7:58 am

Mmm those turnovers look delicious. Thanks for giveaway.


Irene D May 5, 2013 um 3:11 pm

I have 'heard' about the French press coffee maker, but have never tried it – and I would love to.


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