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Mini Brownie Sundaes

This is another one of my “it’s not a recipe” recipes. Because it’s not, it’s assembly instructions on how to assemble these cute little party desserts. I made these for the Forth, a huge hit with with the under 5 set, and small enough to be the perfect size for little fingers. The only thing […]

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Super Simple Batman Cake with Free Printable Templates

    I have this friend named Aurthur, he just turned 8. And because he is so awesome, he deserved a really awesome cake. But cakes take forever. Hours longer than anyone who hasn’t attempted novelty cake making really understands. I don’t really have the 18 plus hours that a really awesome cake takes. But […]

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Boozy (or not) Watermelon Stars

I have a confession to make.  I stole this idea from my friend Tori. She is the genius behind The Shiksa In The Kitchen. And if you watch the morning news, anywhere in America, there is a chance she cooked up something special on your TV. She is a big hit in New York and […]

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DIY Chocolate Molds & SprinkleBakes Cookbook Review plus Giveaway

How to make your own chocolate mold using just brown sugar, and a giveaway of SprinkleBakes cookbook!

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Food Craft: Spring Flower Pot Mini Muffins

Food Craft: Spring Flower Pot Mini Muffins

I like to play with my food. For some reason, it makes me less hungry. When I got these little suckers from a vendor at work, I had no interest in eating them. But I did want to play with them. Maybe it’s a commentary on how much food we waste in America, or maybe […]

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Superbowl Snack: Chocolate Covered Strawberry Footballs

Chocolate Strawberry Footballs for Super Bowl or Playoff Parties.

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Santa Hat Cookies & Why I Hate Santa

I guess HATE is too strong, but I don’t like Santa. Except maybe this Santa. He’s awesome: (Photo taken by my brother-in-law, and Hawks fan, Austin Metz) It all started years ago when I was working at a group home with teenage foster and probation kids in South Central Los Angeles. I know, the white […]

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Thanksgiving Craft: Chocolate Turkeys Made From Halloween Candy

Thanksgiving Craft: Chocolate Turkeys Made From Halloween Candy

Edible Thanksgiving crafts! Tater really isn’t old enough yet for this (but that kid will be tortured with many holiday crafts in her life, once she is old enough) but this is perfect for kids who are a little older. And an excellent way to use up that left over Halloween candy. They only take […]

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Girly Pink Skull Cake

Somehow, over the past half a decade, the iconic symbol of rebellion, mayhem and destruction has morph itself into an adorable emblem of girly fun. I’m not sure who does PR for the Skull, but BRAVO! This cultural make-over surpasses even Mark Wahlbergs move from the Funky Bunch to Oscar Nominee. My current cake creation was […]

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Easter Table Center Peeps

Easter craft with Peeps!

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