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(Photo by Charlie Gesell)

I’m Jackie, I like to throw the occasional domestic fit, that tends to result in a homemade something, topped with bacon, rolled in chocolate.

I lived in Los Angeles most of my adult life. The sun suits me well, the traffic doesn’t. It’s an incredible food city that had a huge part in my fascination with food. Recently I’ve move North, making my home in Seattle. Also an incredible food city with a ton to offer a food-obsessed beer lover.  I lean towards whole food, made from scratch when I can. Fun food that you want to share. Some of it is easy, some takes skill, some of it is healthy, some not at all. I like quick recipes for the weeknight, and long recipes for Sunday suppers. I hope you can find something that suits you, as well as a recipe that challenges you.

I spent years traveling the world, eating, listening to music, taking photos and then I decided to procreate. My life changed completely, and in the best way.

I welcomed the most adorable human on the planet into this world in April of 2010. We spent months picking out a name for her and he knew we wouldn’t be able to decide for certain until we met her. After months of deciding on the perfect name, calling her Tater Tot in the mean time, the nick name stuck. And although we eventually did find a real name for her, we never use it, she’s our Tater.

Along with this blog, I also chronicle my adventures in cooking with craft beer on my other site         The Beeroness ™  for which I have done TV cooking segments, most recently for The Today Show and CBS, Los Angeles.

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(Headshots by VanDiveer Photography)

This is Sophia. She used to take rides on airplanes with me, now she is content to lay like a rug on the kitchen floor and wait for my clumsiness to result in food on the ground.

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