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Current Obsessions

Lovely Things:

  • Naked 2 Palate.  I’ve had this since November, it was a birthday present from my awesome sister, and I haven’t strayed from it. It’s perfect. Unlike those other palates that have three great colors, two OK colors and about 5 what the heck where they thinking? colors, these are all winners (seriously, I’ve used everyone). It’s pricey but worth it.

naked 2 eyeshadows

  • Iwatani Kitchen Torch. This thing will take your eyebrows off. It’s insanely powerful for something so small. I use to have this one, which cost more and had half the power. It also broke after just a year (there is a chance I’m really clumsy and that may have been that cause of said breakage). Unlike the other one, the Iwantani feels and acts like a pro tool, it means business. You do have to buy their propane canisters but those are fairly cheap. You also just attach the torch to the canister, which I massively prefer, rather than struggle to fill the torch with propane.

Iwatani Kitchen Torch

  • Quick Defense. This stuff works. I’m like a canary in a coal mine, I’m always the first to drop. If something is going around, I always get it. For the past two winters, I’ve taken this stuff if I even hear of anyone (anywhere) getting a cold, and I’ve been sickness free for two years! I now buy this in bulk. (p.s. I totally should have told you about this before flu season, don’t hate me)


  • This crazy indestructible GIR spatula. I got an email from the GIR PR representative asking if I wanted one. I almost always say no to these emails, but I was intrigued. I’ve had this thing for 4 months and I’ve made caramel, marinara, homemade ketchup and nothing has stained or stuck to my light blue version of this spatula. I’ve also accidently left it on a live burner, and it didn’t melt or even discolor (as mentioned before, I’m clumsy. I’m also really hard on all of my belongings, I break everything, I’m like a toddler). It still looks factory new. If they made wine glasses, I’d buy a case. Speaking of which, I broke another one last night (I suck).

GIR Ultimate Spatula

  • Picture Porefect. More pores are huge. You could hide Ann Frank in my pores (gross). I’ve tried so many products to reduce the hideousness of my manholes (I mean pores) and nothing has made one bit of difference. I even bought this stuff in a small .3 ounce trial size because I was so skeptical about it’s magical powers (also, the name is ridiculous), but I am now fully convinced and have upgraded to the full sized version. After three weeks my pores look noticeably smaller, like actually normal people sized pores.


  • Shishito Peppers! My favorite right now. If you can find these at at farmers market or a japanese market, grab them. Just toss them in a hot skillet with a few tbs sesame oil until they blister, put them on a plate and sprinkle them with some flakey sea salt. SO great. Perfect appetizer or afternoon snack. Even better than potato chips, and so much healthier.


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