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Archive | February, 2013

Skillet Roasted Potatoes with Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions and Parmesan

  I fell in love with side dishes during the three years I spent as a vegetarian. When you don’t eat meat, you tend to go into any holiday celebration or dinner party knowing that your meal will be made up of side dishes and you just hope to end up with more than a […]

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Maple Chipotle Chicken Wings

I have to admit, I did think about adding blood orange juice to this. I have a thing for blood oranges. But, I refrained, I was afraid I’d lose all of you who aren’t as into those guys as I am. But I did fall back on my love of chipotle. We all have these […]

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Mini Pavlovas with Blood Orange Curd

    Here we are again. You & I and some blood oranges. The season is so short, and it’s nearly impossible to get these out of season, I need to enjoy them now. It’s almost embarrassing how I’ve started to hoard them. Whole Foods had a sale this week and I left with three […]

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Caprese Soup

    Did I ever tell you about the time I though I’d invented Caprese salad? I threw myself into cooking in college, and although I wasn’t really all that great at it, I was the only one who was doing it, so people ate it. I made an apple pie that I forgot to […]

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Apple Streusel Pancakes

Pancakes are my first food memory. I’m one of 8 children (all girls, wrap your head around that) and one of  about 27 cousins (I don’t even know the actual number) which made alone time with my grandparents really special. The spring after I turned 4, I spent a Saturday night in a My Little […]

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Baked Apple Pie Ice Cream Bowls

Maybe this isn’t Valentinesy in that “Heart Shaped Red Velvet Conversations Heart Aphrodisiac Cheesecake ” sort of way,  but it is a fun way to eat ice cream. And really, who doesn’t need that in their lives? I’m at the very end of writing this book, that’s due to my publisher in just three weeks. I […]

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Red Rover Blood Orange and Bourbon Cocktail

  I’ve never liked ginger, it always just served as a bit of color on my sushi plate, or the stuff I would pick out of a salad.And then this cocktail happened, and I decided to fall in love with ginger when it’s mixed with bourbon. My husband invented this beautiful drink, and it’s amazing […]

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